Commissioned work

Classy Black Templars captain

This is a simple green stuff job I did for a friend, Matt Courchesne.

The model was already assembled. All I did was the classy hat and pimping cane to match the popular Stay Classy Deathwatch picture which has been lying around 40k forums.

Death Korps of Krieg commissar

This is another sculpting job I did for a friend. He wanted to have one of his officers turned into a commissar.

I did a cap, sash and added détails to the shoulder plates and belt.

Flying Daemon prince with cape

One of my friends asked me to do a cape on his daemon prince with fur on the upper part.

I did started the cape, but I decided to go overboard and added a LED light in the head to light up the eyes... On top of it, I resculpted the torso so the armour go all around, and not just the front and redid some of the poorly sculpted areas on the arm.

This is still a work in progress. I need to refine the cape, sculpt the pelts on the upper part, resculpt the eyebrows and cheek bones to make the glowing eyes more evil and mount him on the disk of Tzeentch, along with the magnetized base and battery holder.

For the pelts I plan on adding a goat pelt on the left side, a lion pelt on the right side and a dragon pelt in the middle, all three with heads, so it looks like he killed a Chimera.

This is currently one of my active projects. I will post more pictures as it advances.

The following schema shows how I hooked up the LED light.

The cable go out of the abdomen and into the leg. And then out of the foot and will go through a disk of Tzeentch. The socket to put the battery will be under the disk, which in turn will be magneted to the base for easy access. If it's easy, I'll install a switch, else, the light will light up automatically as soon as the battery is added.

Painboy on warbike

Another project for a friend. He wanted me to sculpt an Ork nurse to go on top of one of his patented wheel bikes.

But as the rider is so closely linked to its mount, I decided to do the whole bike.

So far I finished the core of the wheel bike and started to work on the driver. She (he ?!) is still on an early stage. I just wanted to get some volume going on. I will reculpt the leg muscles (those which won't be hidden by clothes) properly in later stages.

Once she is done, the only thing left will be to add the wheel, the gun and mount it on the base.

This too is one of my active projects, so I will post more pictures on the blog as it progresses.

Dead Blood Angel captain on throne

This is a project I'm doing for a friend. He wanted a dead captain on a throne for use as a Relic.

This has been sitting on my "to do" mat for about a year for lack of inspiration. But now it's time I finish it.

It's still highly in progress.

The thing that was blocking me the most is the throne itself. Designing furniture isn't my forte, although I'm a big enthusiast of the subject. Especially a throne that is sturdy enough to sit a 8 feet tall man in heavy armor but remain elegant enough for a classy space vampire.

But as the 40k universe is a mash up of different things, I decided to go kitsch and mash up different styles. I know furniture specialists might throw up, but it will work. 

The base is of a Craftsman Eastwood chair, and I added a high back shaped like gothic arches, with studded leather cushions. I will later add Rococo and Gothic ornaments and some drapes on the sides with skull and wings.

I wouldn't want one in my living room, but it will be perfect in the 40k universe for a Blood Angel.

I also decided to sculpt some bas-relief on the shoulder pads, as this is supposed to be a deceased hero, and not just any marine.

Khador Warjack with ushanka hat

A friend, Michael wanted a ushanka hat on one of his Khador jack. It wasn't a lot of work to make the hat itself, but sculpting the tiny Khador symbol on it was quite hard. But the result is quite nice. I'll post more pictures once he has painted it.

Christmas 2013 paint exchange - Kommander Malinka Kurganova 

Each year our painting group, the Oldies, organize a "paint exchange" where we each put a miniature in a pool, and then we randomly get one assigned. I got Jess' kommander Malinka Kurganova. 

It was the first time I painted a miniature so delicate, and lost a few hair in the process, but I eventually got the hang of it. 

For the base, I sculpted some stone tiles and added sand, which I painted gray and brown, like I do for my daemons and patches of white snow. 

And then one of my friend, Eric, added some crushed glass snow (Secret weapon miniatures). We can see the final result in the first picture. The others show the result before the snow effect.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight

I painted this miniature while I was playing the Halfaug season of the Scars of Caen league. The purist #4 ritual required that I paint a winter themed camouflage for one of my miniatures.

Didn't feel right for any of my bloody Cryx. So I decided to paint one of the casters in the pool of the "Who's the boss" tournament at my local gaming store. 

It was actually the caster I was assigned last time I played, so I felt a better connection with this one than any of the other casters that were in the pool. Plus her garnments were so much in synch with the winter theme.

She was actually fun to paint. Took about 5 hours and 30 min with a 15 break after the base coat.

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