Chaos Daemons - Troops

Pink Horrors

As my army is mainly Tzeentch, I have a whole lot of pink horrors. There are 63 of them, with three icon bearers, musicians and champion.

I didn't do much conversion on them (way too many !), just properly patch the seams and base them with hand sculpted stone tiles and sand.

I did realize when assembling my third icon bearer that I was missing a head (the one I used for my herald on chariot conversion !), so I had to improvise and sculpted it from scratch. I also used a chaos space marines Tzeentch icon to make him stand out.

Chaos Cultists

For my Tzeentch daemons, I didn't want some bluish cadian soldiers or the Mad Max style chaos cultists from the Dark Vengeance boxed set.

I wanted wizards. A whole bunch of wizards to fit in the god of magic and forbidden knowledge theme. 

So taking legs from high elves, torsos from dark elves, capes from phoenix guards, heads from an arabs kit, arms from a zulu kit and orcs lances, I started assembling my Coven of the Changing Dawn secret society.

I wanted minimal green stuff work (there are 20 of them !) so I just sculpted basic shoulder plates and buckles to attach the cape to them. Along with a hood and a medieval Venice style golden mask.

For the champion, I converted Alarielle the Radiant into an human pink horror hybrid.

So far, only the champion and the prototype cultist is fully finished. I still need to add the masks and staff to the rest.


I don't like the new plastic ones, so I purchased a whole bunch of the old ones. The only conversion I did were to add hellblades to the musicians and banner bearers.

Other than that, I converted both my champions. One has a whip, and the other I redid both arms and gave him an Axe of Khorne (the axe from the daemon prince kit) which he holds with both hands...

Two third of them are painted. The champions, musicians and banner bearers are missing (and next in line).


Not much conversion, just an intensive seams patching... They are not all included in the pictures, as they pretty much look all the same.

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