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Lord of Change

This is a model I bought used. It was pretty damaged. Pierced full of holes and covered in thick layers of glue, putty and paint.

Took a while to strip and clean it only to realize that most of the feathered parts were badly damaged.

So I had to reculpt most of the feathers.


The model itself was quite nice, so I didn't want to convert it. And the cast clean, so there was no need to patch it a lot.

I did however use left over arms and head from my Tzeentch flamers kit to sculpt a miniature portal on his base. The way the right hand is positioned, he looks like he's invoking the daemon.

There aren't the latest pictures. The base is now complete. I will post more recent ones later.

Heralds of Tzeentch

These are my four heralds of Tzeentch. Details for each follow:

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot

This is one of the first chaos daemons conversion I made, just after the bloodthirster.

Back then, there were no chariot model, nor were they any plastic screamers. I converted my herald from a Reaper Miniatures cleric and extra pink horror bits. For the chariot, I started from the idea of getting a high elf chariot, and sculpting a huge screamer to carry it.

At first, I had metal screamers, but when the new burning chariot kit was released, I decided to keep them for my screamers squad and use the plastic ones for the chariot, so it remains consistent with my other chariot (which uses the new kit). I also used the flaming orb bit for his hand.

I also did a magnetized 40 mm base for when he dismount, or if I want to use him on foot instead.

Second Herald of Tzeentch

This is my multiple uses herald.

I magnetized both his feet so he could stand on a 40 mm base, but also on a disk of Tzeentch (which turn is magnetized to an additional scenic 60 mm base). He can also bum a ride on my second burning chariot (see the chaos daemons heavy support section).

The 60 mm base is done, but I still need to sculpt the disk itself. I will use a 40 mm base as the core for the disk of Tzeentch and add greenstuff over it. I plan on doing a big round screamer like I did for the chariot (see above).

This is one of my active project. So I will post more pictures soon.

Third Herald of Tzeentch

This one is straight from the burning chariot kit with no conversion except for patching up the seams and basing. This one isn't magnetized so he's used mainly when I want to buff up my horrors squads or when an herald is spawned.

The changelling

Not much conversion. Just patched up the the arms which were miscast, and a sculpted the base.

The Blue Scribes

Again, no conversion except for the base.


This model was even more banged up than the lord of change when I got it. Pierced full of holes, parts sawn off, thick putty and glue, as well as a very thick layer of gloss red spray paint. Yes, gloss !

Took a while to clean it and resculpt the damaged areas. I also redid the armour. I thought the torso didn't have enough depth. It looked like it was a naked torso with a band around, like if the armour was paper thin. So I added more volume to it.

The whip was missing, so I sculpted it, one bony segment at a time. Same thing for the missing horn.

I also had fun sculpting a grey knight chopped in half, with his entrails pouring out. I even sculpted his two hearts and three lungs.

These are from more than a year later. I went back on working on him to make the base in the same style as the other daemons and remove the chain he had between his butt cheeks. He also got his wiener back... :P


The inspiration for this conversion came from the Game of Thrones episodes on South Park... Those who saw the episode will find the conversion hilarious, the others will think I may have metal issues. Both will be right.

Herald of Nurgle

Not much conversion here, just patching the seams with some nurglings on the base...

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