Chaos Daemons - Heavy Support

Burning chariot of Tzeentch

When the new model came out, I already had my chariot conversion (see the HQ section), but I did purchased one so I could use it with the *non-relentless-friggin* exalted flamer.

But I also magnetized the top of the disk so that both the exalted flamer and and herald could ride it in case I want to try a different list.

I'm still working on the millions of tiles on the base. I want to make it look like if the shockwave generated by the chariot moving forward is pushing the tiles around. I'll post more pictures when it's done.

For the exalted flamer, besides redoing the base of the model to fit the magnets, I made the arms point in different directions and posed them wider. I thought the way Games Workshop designed his arms was pretty stupid, all crunched up forward.

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