Chaos Daemons - Fast Attack

Screamers of Tzeentch

When the new plastic screamers came out, I already have five of the old metal ones. Two for a chariot, and three that I wanted to expand on for a squad.

Instead of getting rid of them and buying the plastic ones, I decided to take all metal ones and make them into a squad, getting the new screamers only for my chariots.

And to make them fit with the newer style, I added eyes and mouths to them.

Flesh hounds of Khorne

All of my Khorne models so far are old school. Old Bloodthirster and bloodletters. But I also got the older hounds. I think they look more vicious hunters than the newer ones which look like brutish dumb dinosaurs.

The conversion revolved around scraping the paint, glue and Army Painter dip the previous owner smeared generously on them and patched the seams by resculpting the top scales and manes.

One of them (my champion back in the fifth edition) is eating a grey knight alive. We can see his leg armour torn off and the flesh gnawed to the bones (yeah, I don't like marines).


When I got the model, I didn't like the left legs. He was standing on the top of his wrists. And I thought this pose made him look soft and sloppy.

So I cut the paws off, flipped them around, and reculpted the lower legs and claws. And then to patch the seams, I did some scales, and then some more and ended up by redoing all of the scales. And to make it fit with my old school hounds, I sculpted him a mane.

Blight drones

A few months ago, I started working on my own blight drones, based off the plague drone kit and lots of green stuff. They are done, but I still need to finish the bases...

More pictures to come...

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