Chaos Daemons - Miscellaneous


I love that thing. It's always worth its points.

Instead of just using a blast marker, I took one and traced it on a 1/4 inch ABS sheet and cut it. Then sculpted a whirlpool surround by stone tiles and columns, on which I perched the blue horrors from my chariot kit. I will paint them as golden statues.

Objective markers
Using the left over bits from my Tzeentch kits, I created my own objective markers. I sculpted stone pedestals on which I placed the bits.
They are done, although some are still missing the chaos rhino Tzeentch symbols. I still need to find four of them to complete my conversions.



For the relic, I built a makeshift disk of Tzeentch with the extra disk top and crystals which I cut with a new x-acto blades from a green stuff cone which had hardened 12 h.

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