mardi 30 décembre 2014

Black ogruns !

I have converted and painted my black ogruns !

I assembled the three first ogruns in the classic way. Then to complete the unit, I bought a second box and kitbashed them. I had to resculpt most of the arms and shoulders on these.

I added more photos along with the green stuff under the paint in the new Cryx - Units section.

I also bought an ogrun bokur blister and used his arms and shoulder pads to turn the second box's leader into a kickass pirate black ogrun bokur. This one required a lot of custom sculpting.

The Cryx - Solos section contains a lot of pictures of him with and without paint.

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

The asshole in chief is in the house !

The Journeyman league has started at my local gaming store. There were special rules this year for building our own battlebox.

I decided to go with Asphyxious, with a Reaper, a Stalker and a Ripjaw. The Reaper and Asphyxious are new acquisitions and my Ripjaws were unpainted. So I started there.

I plan to experiment with harpoons during the league. So I will soon paint some Black Ogruns, Aiakos and Malice.


I painted her as part of the Colore ton monde event organized by Chaos Ludik.
The theme was a non combatant miniature. As she can't actually attack, she seemed the ideal candidate.


I managed to finish painting my tear drinkers ! Finally ! Doing twelve of them at the same time was harsh. I kept losing interest. Maybe it's why it took three weeks to paint them.