mardi 30 décembre 2014

Black ogruns !

I have converted and painted my black ogruns !

I assembled the three first ogruns in the classic way. Then to complete the unit, I bought a second box and kitbashed them. I had to resculpt most of the arms and shoulders on these.

I added more photos along with the green stuff under the paint in the new Cryx - Units section.

I also bought an ogrun bokur blister and used his arms and shoulder pads to turn the second box's leader into a kickass pirate black ogrun bokur. This one required a lot of custom sculpting.

The Cryx - Solos section contains a lot of pictures of him with and without paint.

jeudi 11 décembre 2014

The asshole in chief is in the house !

The Journeyman league has started at my local gaming store. There were special rules this year for building our own battlebox.

I decided to go with Asphyxious, with a Reaper, a Stalker and a Ripjaw. The Reaper and Asphyxious are new acquisitions and my Ripjaws were unpainted. So I started there.

I plan to experiment with harpoons during the league. So I will soon paint some Black Ogruns, Aiakos and Malice.


I painted her as part of the Colore ton monde event organized by Chaos Ludik.
The theme was a non combatant miniature. As she can't actually attack, she seemed the ideal candidate.


I managed to finish painting my tear drinkers ! Finally ! Doing twelve of them at the same time was harsh. I kept losing interest. Maybe it's why it took three weeks to paint them.

jeudi 30 octobre 2014

Does this pistol wraith look like a bitch ?

I finally decided to paint my pistol wraith. Which is perfect because tonight is the Hordes: Exigence event, and Venethrax will need more firepower to kick some hordes ass.

This is a quick picture I took with my cellphone and some cheesy photoshop montage. I will take better pictures tomorrow and post them.

jeudi 14 août 2014

DJ Master Thunderhead in da house !

This is a minor conversion I did for a friend. He wanted his Thunderhead warjack to look like a disk jockey, so I added a cap and headphones. I tried  to emulate some tesla coils on each side of the headphones to keep in the same theme as the model, although the size made it a bit hard. Surely paint will help sell the tesla coils concept.

mardi 12 août 2014

Some progress on the dead Blood Angels hero on his throne...

I worked on him about 2 months ago, but did not post any pictures... He will be finished soon. Only the left shoulder plate left to do.

dimanche 10 août 2014

Behold Bawl'akor the Everlasting in all of shameless glory !

...because why would a daemon who's invisible most of the time even bother to wear any clothes ?!

I finally managed to finish painting Bawl'akor ! It was actually very fun to do. After a few tiresome batch of Cryx models, it was refreshing to paint just a single model. Especially one that is meant to be a center piece for an army.

I tried different light setup and settings on my phone, but this is the best I could do for pictures. The Chaos Daemons - HQ section has more pictures with all those light tests. Some details are better seen on them. There are also close-up shots of the base.

samedi 9 août 2014

Blight drones !

I'm finally done with my blight drones conversion... Now, on to painting ! I'll post more detailed pictures when they are painted.

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

My first fully painted list...

I finally managed to paint a full list. This is my 35 pts Warwitch Denehhra list.

Warwitch Deneghra (+5)
Skarlock Thrall (2)
Nightwretch (4)
Nightmare (10)
Slayer (6)
Defiler (5)
Mechanithralls x 10 (5) + Brute Thrall (1)
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls (2)
Necrotech + Scrap Thrall (1)
Warwitch Siren (2)
Warwitch Siren (2)

mardi 27 mai 2014

Painted Cryx nice pictures...

It took forever, but I added nice pictures of every Cryx miniatures I have painted so far...

They can be seen in the Cryx section...

Nightmare !

I took a good picture of Nightmare and did a little photoshop montage...

samedi 10 mai 2014

The ice queen...

I painted Vayl today.

I know she's not Cryx, but I needed to paint a winter camouflage for the purist ritual #4 of the Halfaug season of Scars of Caen.

And snow didn't fit very well with the black, brass, bone and blood scheme of my Cryx.

Was still fun to paint something blue for a change.

I painted her in a day. It took 5 hours and 30 minutes with a short break after 4 hours.

The model belongs to the store I go to play as part of their warcaster pool for the Who's the boss tournaments