vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Second wave of plaguebearers...

I now have 22 assembled and ready to prime and paint, along with an herald.

Ten more are on the way, for a total of 1 herald with balesword, 2 champions with balesword, 2 icon bearers, 1 musician and 27 regular ones.

Paint !

Yeah, that's right... paint. Can't believe it myself. A first in two years of conversion and sculpting only work...

jeudi 21 novembre 2013

Bloodthirster revisited...

I went back to working on my Bloodthirster.

This is the first model I acquired and converted. Back then I didn't know what kind of base I would do. So I bought the Furioso base because it was nice enough.

But then I did ancient stone tiles on Karanak's base and decided to do these on all my daemons miniatures.

So I covered some parts of the Furioso base with stone tiles and the rest with sand. Once it is painted, I will put back the dead Grey Knight.

I also cut off the hand with the whip and added a magnet to hold it in place and sculpted a bracer to hide the seam. It didnt fit in my Battlefoam tray otherwise.

And lastly, I redid the rear end. This massive 24 feet tall daemon had a skinny butt, no genitals and a chain in-between his butt cheeks. Silly, just silly. I fixed all of that.

All my Khorne daemons are ready to paint...

It's been a while since I last wrote but lots have happened.

I worked very hard on basing and converting all of my Khorne daemons.

There are 24 bloodletters, 11 fleshhounds and a Bloodthirster.

All are ready to prime and paint. Finally !

I also assembled plagubearers. More pictures will come soon.