dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Khador jack commission...

This is the tiniest detail I've ever done ever. A 2mm wide Khador symbol. My hands were shaking like hell.

samedi 5 octobre 2013


I just received and assembled my new Aegis Defense Line from Mr. Dandy in time for the tournament.

It is really awesome ! Totally satisfied with my purchase.


jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Splitting my time across multiple projects...

The Chaos Ludik big tournament is less than two weeks away and I need to finish all my cultists, plus a new project: blight drones !

I got my hands on some plague drones models and I'm doing my own take on blight drone by converting them.

I want mine to look more fly like. First thing, no jet engines. They will have wings. As well as multiple eyes in addition to the blight drone's iconic camera lense.

The first thing I did was to rotate the plague drone forward to give them the same pose as the BD.

Then I dig the underside hole to carry the weapons. For those, I used two ork big shootas for the reaper autocannon. The mawcannon is made out of a shoota barrel. I will add a nozzle similar to that of the BD in putty.

I removed the stinger and glued a part of the PD rot proboscis the make the rear end.

Because I flipped it, the wing holes are now on the front. I will put fly eyes in those holes. I even drilled two more in addition of the lense hole.

I will add the wings in the middle of the body, on the top, after I'm done with putty.

I will also add the legs in the current legs holes.

More pictures to come as I work on it...