mercredi 25 septembre 2013

Done with the cultist champion...

I'm finally done with the cultist champion.

Here are some quick pictures I took. I will take better ones on multiple angles this week.

Only thing missing is to glue some sand on the base where stone tiles are missing.

I will do it at the same time as the cultists.

Speaking off, the prototype is almost done, including the "count as autogun" magic staff. I just need to sculpt the thumb back. I cut it off for the staff to fit in his hand.

I'm currently batch converting the 20 others.

More to come...

jeudi 12 septembre 2013

More progress on the cultist champion...

I finally managed to finish her head. With that, the torso and the base/feet out of the way, along with the staff, the rest will go quickly.

I just need to glue the right arm and add the extra mutated left arms. And then resculpt the shoulders to fit with the bigger head and extra arms.