jeudi 21 novembre 2013

Bloodthirster revisited...

I went back to working on my Bloodthirster.

This is the first model I acquired and converted. Back then I didn't know what kind of base I would do. So I bought the Furioso base because it was nice enough.

But then I did ancient stone tiles on Karanak's base and decided to do these on all my daemons miniatures.

So I covered some parts of the Furioso base with stone tiles and the rest with sand. Once it is painted, I will put back the dead Grey Knight.

I also cut off the hand with the whip and added a magnet to hold it in place and sculpted a bracer to hide the seam. It didnt fit in my Battlefoam tray otherwise.

And lastly, I redid the rear end. This massive 24 feet tall daemon had a skinny butt, no genitals and a chain in-between his butt cheeks. Silly, just silly. I fixed all of that.

2 commentaires:

  1. What a nice butt !
    Wi can't understand what you did on the breast armour though, it looks pretty much like the original...
    The whip looks great and adding magnets is clever, it's true this one takes a lot of space.
    May I suggest you give such models a goos acetone bath before assmebling to remove any paint left (this can be a pain when it come to painting).
    Very good work here.

  2. It's a minor adjustment. I gave the armour more depth. On the original model, the breast plate is the naked torso with a border, like if the armour was paper thin. Plus he looked like he had moobs. So I reshaped them into pectorals.

    I did gave him many acetone baths and scrubs. The former owner gave it a thick coat of GLOSS red spray paint. That thing took forever to come off and There still are some parts that were too hard to remove.