vendredi 27 décembre 2013

vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Second wave of plaguebearers...

I now have 22 assembled and ready to prime and paint, along with an herald.

Ten more are on the way, for a total of 1 herald with balesword, 2 champions with balesword, 2 icon bearers, 1 musician and 27 regular ones.

Paint !

Yeah, that's right... paint. Can't believe it myself. A first in two years of conversion and sculpting only work...

jeudi 21 novembre 2013

Bloodthirster revisited...

I went back to working on my Bloodthirster.

This is the first model I acquired and converted. Back then I didn't know what kind of base I would do. So I bought the Furioso base because it was nice enough.

But then I did ancient stone tiles on Karanak's base and decided to do these on all my daemons miniatures.

So I covered some parts of the Furioso base with stone tiles and the rest with sand. Once it is painted, I will put back the dead Grey Knight.

I also cut off the hand with the whip and added a magnet to hold it in place and sculpted a bracer to hide the seam. It didnt fit in my Battlefoam tray otherwise.

And lastly, I redid the rear end. This massive 24 feet tall daemon had a skinny butt, no genitals and a chain in-between his butt cheeks. Silly, just silly. I fixed all of that.

All my Khorne daemons are ready to paint...

It's been a while since I last wrote but lots have happened.

I worked very hard on basing and converting all of my Khorne daemons.

There are 24 bloodletters, 11 fleshhounds and a Bloodthirster.

All are ready to prime and paint. Finally !

I also assembled plagubearers. More pictures will come soon.

dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Khador jack commission...

This is the tiniest detail I've ever done ever. A 2mm wide Khador symbol. My hands were shaking like hell.

samedi 5 octobre 2013


I just received and assembled my new Aegis Defense Line from Mr. Dandy in time for the tournament.

It is really awesome ! Totally satisfied with my purchase.

jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Splitting my time across multiple projects...

The Chaos Ludik big tournament is less than two weeks away and I need to finish all my cultists, plus a new project: blight drones !

I got my hands on some plague drones models and I'm doing my own take on blight drone by converting them.

I want mine to look more fly like. First thing, no jet engines. They will have wings. As well as multiple eyes in addition to the blight drone's iconic camera lense.

The first thing I did was to rotate the plague drone forward to give them the same pose as the BD.

Then I dig the underside hole to carry the weapons. For those, I used two ork big shootas for the reaper autocannon. The mawcannon is made out of a shoota barrel. I will add a nozzle similar to that of the BD in putty.

I removed the stinger and glued a part of the PD rot proboscis the make the rear end.

Because I flipped it, the wing holes are now on the front. I will put fly eyes in those holes. I even drilled two more in addition of the lense hole.

I will add the wings in the middle of the body, on the top, after I'm done with putty.

I will also add the legs in the current legs holes.

More pictures to come as I work on it...

mercredi 25 septembre 2013

Done with the cultist champion...

I'm finally done with the cultist champion.

Here are some quick pictures I took. I will take better ones on multiple angles this week.

Only thing missing is to glue some sand on the base where stone tiles are missing.

I will do it at the same time as the cultists.

Speaking off, the prototype is almost done, including the "count as autogun" magic staff. I just need to sculpt the thumb back. I cut it off for the staff to fit in his hand.

I'm currently batch converting the 20 others.

More to come...

jeudi 12 septembre 2013

More progress on the cultist champion...

I finally managed to finish her head. With that, the torso and the base/feet out of the way, along with the staff, the rest will go quickly.

I just need to glue the right arm and add the extra mutated left arms. And then resculpt the shoulders to fit with the bigger head and extra arms.